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Though it may look a little strange, the design of the original Water Alarm allows it to be the most moisture-sensitive, compact and indestructible alarm on the market. It's unique bell tower amplifies the alarm so it can sound longer and louder than any other alarm. The four stainless steel legs can detect moisture at the first sign of leakage--well before damage can occur. They sink deep into carpet, fabric or other materials that would take up to an inch of water above the carpet to set off other alarms. Don't risk the preservation of your home to inferior alarms, trust the original Water Alarm.

The average cost of water damaging events continues to increase each year. The resulting cost of repair and restoration from the damage is only part of the story and the associated costs that will affect your lifestyle and finances. Avoid water damages with our superior and high quality products. Trust your property, valuables and peace of mind to the best Water Alarm products.

The Original Water Alarm – The Loudest Flood Detection

The Original Water Alarm and Water Screamer are perfect for the early warning of leaky pipes, faulty water heaters, washing machines & hoses, dishwashers, icemakers or any other cause of water incursion. Your Water Alarm devices will detect even the smallest amounts of moisture before mold, mildew and serious water damage or even flooding will occur. They can be placed near appliances, bath tubs, toilets, beneath sinks, or can be used as a basement water alarm for early notification of flooding, leaky pipes or seepage. Most home floods start with a small leak and grow to a disastrous water flow. Use the water alarm to detect those small leaks before they have a chance to get out of control and become very expensive to repair.

There are many practical options of notifying you of the presence of water with the Water Alarm. With the optional high water sump pump alarm attachment, you can safely monitor the water level in your sump pump and be notified of a failure before it turns into a flooded basement. Washing machines and water heaters are commonly the cause of significant water damage. The Water Alarm will detect and alarm in the early stage of water loss and result in avoiding damages that would otherwise have continued until long after considerable damage has been done. Our Water Alarm is unique in that only a small amount of moisture is required to trigger it to notify you of water detection. The Water Alarm offers superior detection capability, regardless of the flooring it is placed on (hardwood, carpet, tile, marble, slate, etc.).

Gizmode Innovations Water Alarm Products are the LOUDEST alarms available. No one comes close to our quality and our alarm volume. Any alarm that goes unheard or fails to alert you to water incursion is not worth the purchase price. No one wants to find their home flooded because they tried to save a few dollars and purchased an inferior product that lacks sufficient volume or does not alarm until enough water is present, which can be long after significant damage has already taken place. The best products are offered by Gizmode Innovations.

FloodStop - Automatic Appliance Flood Prevention

In addition we carry a full line of automatic flood prevention products for the home or workplace. The FloodStop will detect water loss and then automatically shut off the water supply with its application specific valve(s) the instant a few drops of water touch the sensor(s). There are a variety of FloodStop systems designed specifically for the desired application, which includes washing machines, water heaters, water softeners, icemakers, dishwashers, sinks, toilets, supply lines/hoses and even the main water supply to your home. You can also purchase extra sensor pads to extend the detection area from one to multiple areas. This advanced technology can save your home from thousands of dollars in water damage repairs whether you are home or away.

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