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Flood Alarms and Water Shutoffs

Our line of flood sensors and Automatic Water Shut-Off Valves will help protect your home or business from high water. Combine our Water Alarm Flood Sensors with an automaitc shutoff valve and get protection from burst pipes and water overflow.

Our Water Alarm Flood Sensors are the loudest and longest running on the market, so if you have an out of the way basement, water heater, or sump pump, you will be able to hear it from anywhere in the building.

Other water shut off valves take precious minutes to detect the presence of a water leak, they need standing water to soak past wood, plaster and carpet before they shut off the water to your building. Waiting that long causes mold and expensive damage to your property. Our water shut-off valves react the instant one of our Water alarms detects moisture. Our water alarms have the highest sensitivity prongs that reach down into the carpet and can detect even the tiniest bit of moisture.

Our Flood Sensors are the only ones that can detect slow leaks. Set a Water Alarm and feel at ease about protecting your investment from water damage.