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What is A Water Sensor

What is a Water Sensor?

We Use Smoke Detectors and CO2 Detectors, but What is a Water Detector?

Water Sensors and water detectors come in a wide variety. Just as a fire can be dangerous to yourself, your home, and your business, water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage! Gizmode Water Alarms are top-of-the-line moisture detectors that sit on any surface, the second moisture reaches one of the 4 sensor prongs the Water Alarm emits a 110dB alarm. We've even got a 130bB Water Screamer, if you need a water alarm in a seldom visited area, like a storage shed or basement.

Our water sensors are unique because they can sense even the faintest trace of moisture. So even if you have a slow leak that soaks into wood and drywall our alarms will alert you! Other water alarms can only sense pooled water completely missing potential mould problems.

The Water Alarm sensor prongs are long enough to penetrate carpet, so you know right when water leaks.

In addition to our free standing water sensors, our Water Alarm line of products includes a Sump Pump Overflow Detector. Keep an eye on your sump pump pit, aquarium, hot tub, or any other water level that you need to keep from overflowing. Simply attach our sump pump detector into any Water Alarm for two times the water detection.

For hard to reach areas, for water pans, A/C condensation pans, and refrigerators we offer an Adjustable Height Water Sensor extension. With our complete line of Water Alarms, you can customize perfect water damage protection for your home or business.