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Why Use Water Alarm System

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Why Do You Need a Water Alarm System from Gizmode® Innovations?

More homes are damaged by water than by fire. Unfortunately, until a leak becomes a noticeable problem, most homeowners don't think about prevention. Water damage can cause permanent structural damage to your home if not detected early, and taken care of properly.

There's no wiring, no assembly--placing the original Water Alarm System, Water Screamer and other prevention products, is the simplest way to avoid the destructive nightmare of water damage.

Why install a Water Alarm System?

To save you money and alert you to potential dangers. Gizmode® Innovations, high-quality, extra-loud water alarms, can save you thousands of dollars of damage, time, and prevent you from losing your precious mementos. You wouldn't think of living in a home without a smoke detector would you? It only takes one water damage claim, and you realize that it isn't worth the time, money, and loss, if there is a leak.

Why choose The Water Alarm?

Compare for yourself:

  • Our versions have the loudest water alarms on the market.  No one else comes close.  A louder alarm means you will be alerted whether it is coming from the basement or in a cabinet under a sink. If a water alarm goes unheard, it didn't work.
  • The Water Alarm System from Gizmode® Innovations are non-corrosive, highly durable, and have stainless steel legs for stabilization. They are made from the highest quality materials and designed with great care and attention. Low quality units do not compare to our reliability and effectiveness.
  • With our alarms, you don't need standing or running water to sound the alarm. Just a small drip or accumulated moisture will sound the alarm.  This is an important difference!  Other units on the market required up to 1/4" of water over the surface area before you are alerted.  This method does not catch the slow leaks.  If an area has already flooded to that depth, you are too late.
  • Our Water Alarms work on carpet.
  • With our Water Alarm products all you need to do is add a 9-volt battery, set it in place, and you are finished with the setup. What could be easier?
  • Gizmode® Innovations guarantees the product for 1-year or the alarm will be replaced at our cost, including shipping!

What To Do When The Water Alarm Sounds?

Immediately call a professional for assistance. While you are waiting for the professional to arrive, you can do the following:

  • Shut off the water source, if possible.
  • Protect as much of your property as possible by moving items out of the path of the leak or cover them with plastic. Mop up or wet vac as much of the water as possible.
  • Remove rugs, carpeting, padding, anything on the floor that has already been touched by water. If the water has reached your furniture, lift furniture legs from the wet spots on the floor, and place wooden blocks, glass coasters, or foil between the furniture legs and the wet carpeting.
  • Wipe excess water from your wood furniture. Open drawers and cabinets to aid in faster drying. Open windows to speed drying.
  • Turn on the air conditioner or fans for maximum drying in hot weather, as long as it's safe for you to use electricity. Order A Water System Now