Water Detection for Home Fish Tanks

Posted at July 10th, 2015
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Water Detection for Your Home Fish Tanks

Protect your home fish tanks from possible overflow with our water level indicator, protect your floors and your fish. The Water Alarm system sets easily into your water tank; the second water touches the sensor The Water Alarm will alert you to the rising water level. This system can also be combined with our wireless water alarm system, so no matter where in your home you keep your aquarium, you will alerted and protected from expensive water damage!

Water Alarm Can Fit in Your Aquarium Housing

Get notified the second there is a leak from your home fish tank tubing, glass seals, leaking fish tank filters, or any number of other reasons your fish tank may spring a leak! The Water Alarm can sit anywhere near your aquarium and the second water touches the sensor prongs, you will be alerted!

The Water Alarm is the most sensitive, loudest, and longest running alarm on the market, our water alarms are good for the average life of a D battery, that’s three years! But you can replace those batteries whenever you feel like it, there’s no need to get a new water alarm!

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