• Water Alarm Detects Leaks in Your Whole Home.
  • The Loudest Free Standing Water Alarm System Period.
  • Catch Water Leaks Before They Cause Real Damage Water Alarm Banner
  • The Loudest Free Standing Water Alarm System Period.

The Water Alarm protects your property from water damage wherever it happens!

Buy from the Original and Best Water Alarm Systems

Our superior water alarm and high water detection products have been developed to detect and react to even the smallest amounts of moisture before damage can occur. Don't trust your home to ineffective or cheap flood detectors. Get the loudest and best built water leak detection alarms on the market and rest easy.

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The Original Water Alarm

- Compact and powerful early warning system

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Perfect Solution! five stars

Posted by Ben H.
I have installed several Water Alarms around my home and Ive already discovered a slow leak under my sink! So far so good!

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The Square Water Alarm

- The finest low-profile Water Alarm on the market

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No more worrying when it starts raining five star

Posted by Matt
I have a Water Alarm in my basement window with the legs in the window track. If it starts to rain extremely hard our window well can fill up, with the water alarm I get alerted before there is a problem...

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The Water Screamer®

- The loudest free standing water alarm system. Period.

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Very Loud.

Posted by Kathy M.
I was worried that I might not be able to hear the Water Alarm in my basement. I'm pretty sure I could hear this in my neighbor's basement! Extremely loud...

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Flood Stop

- Detect leaks and shuts off water supply automatically

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